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DISRUPTING NORMALCY: 50 Years of Transforming Las Vegas, NV

50 Years of Disrupting Normalcy: Bruce Merrin Transformed Las Vegas and the world of celebrity entertainment. IN this episode #ILIRPODCAST (I’M LISTENING I’M READY) sat down with Bruce Merrin to discuss resilience in business, connecting people, and working with famous people like Elvis Presley, Jackie Robinson, Mohamed Ali, and more. […]

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SPIRITUALITY: Finding God, Your Why and Purpose    FEATURED EPISODE WITH Shana Farrell This is a conversation about spirituality: Finding God, discovering your purpose and your why? –ROSE Editorial Director […]

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SELF-IDENTITY: How To Live Authentically With Courage. Authenticity is one of the fundamental principles of developing true character that will stand the test of time. In this episode you’ll discover how one woman found her pathway to personal success and overcame the odds to become one of the most sought after national speakers.”  FEATURED […]

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EDUCATION EXPOSED: Uncovering Corruption Through Film And Creative Arts. Much of what we know today is a result of what has been revealed to us, either through books, creative arts, audio or film and cinematography. In this episode you’ll discover how one woman turned her tragic experience in the classroom into a triumphant career and […]

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